Becoming a pilot

If you're interested in following in mine and many other people's footsteps then there is a lot of research that needs to be done. 

Below are five of the biggest FTO's for European training. Have a look through them all.

Also take a look here where I've broken down my process from assessment day to starting with Pilot Training College.

PTC is the school I have trained with. They're an Irish based company offering both integrated and modular training in Florida, Ireland and the UK.

Oxford is one of the most well know FTOs in Europe with a number of airline contracts. It currently offers it's ATPL courses with time in Phoenix, USA and the UK.

CTC offers the JAA/EASA training with stations in the UK and New Zealand. As with all the FTOs listed here, it provides both modular and integrated training.

Cabair is quite an old company now with a lot of history and a good track record. It offers the same services as the rest in both Florida and the UK.

FTE is unique to the other FTOs listed above in that all of it's operations are kept under one roof in Jerez, Spain. The whole course is completed in Spain.

I hope this helps a number of you and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask.

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