I often get asked all different sorts of questions via email and Twitter. Here is what I hope is the answers to the majority of them.

Do you work for PTC?
No, I am a student with the training organisation.

Does PTC have anything to do with the blog?
No, I am the sole contributor (as well as a number of other students from time to time). It contains my own personal views of my own personal training.

How did you get started with PTC?
Click here.

What qualifications did you have before applying to PTC?
I took my GCSE and A level examinations in the United Kingdom up until I was eighteen years old.

Did you have any flying qualifications before starting training?
No. I had completed a couple of hours in a Piper Warrior a number of years ago.

Do you need certain qualifications to train with PTC?
I am unaware of the qualification levels needed to join PTC. I took the following A levels:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Maths

What subjects are best to do?
As mentioned above, I'm not certain what PTC require however as the training has gone on it seems like basic maths, physics and geography play key roles.

What is Melbourne, FL like?
Melbourne doesn't have the glamour of Miami or the hustle and bustle of New York but I think that as it's quiet and with the facilities available it creates a good working environment.

What do I think of PTC?
My honest views are made through out my posts.

How long is the training?
There is no set time on the training due to the many factors involved in the process however the general time scale I believe is 14 months.

I'm heading out to Florida in the near future to start training, is there anything I should do?
I'd like to say read up if you can on basic JAA (now EASA) PPL subjects. This will help during the initial three months of training. I wouldn't bother too much with ATPL material until you're out here.


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  2. My mate was saying the worst thing about PTC is that they have more students than Aircraft.. Not saying bad School but need more Aircraft ha!

  3. Yeh there were some problems with aircraft availability but I haven't experienced that in some time - it's the weather that can be the biggest obstacle which we have had to come to terms with over the past few days!