Monday, 21 March 2011

Every story has a beginning...

I suppose this is where it all starts really.

In January 2011 I attended an assessment day in Manchester. Arriving early morning at the Crowne Plaza airport hotel I eagerly awaited the start of a day that would in effect put this whole process into motion and fuel the dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

The day consisted of a number of exams and computer based tests to determine both ability and suitability for a role in the skies. It was also a fantastic way to get a feel of what is involved in this fast (literally) moving industry. Luckily the day went very well and by mid-afternoon I was informed of my results. These marks led to an offer from the flying college. An added bonus was that I was also put forward for the Flybe Cadet Scheme run by both the pilot college and the airline. Flybe are Europe's largest regional airline flying from a variety of UK and European airports.

Fast forward to March and after much waiting and anticipation the call finally came to invite me for an interview at their home base in Exeter. Again nerves and apprehension on the long journey down the M6 and M5. Similar to the assessment day back in January, the interview went as well as I could have possibly hoped. It was then, again, a case of playing the waiting game.

At this point I was already hoping to start my training in May whether I did or did not attain the Flybe Cadetship. It really has been systems go since receiving confirmation. Forms, uniform, medicals, visas etc. all have to be sorted before my departure date to the States. However without having certain boxes ticked I can't tick others. For example, until I have a medical I cannot gain a US visa.

Anyway, Monday 14th March 2011. 16:30. I got the call. The lovely lady at the other end of the phone confirmed that I had been offered a place on the Flybe Part-Sponsorship scheme!

So now I know I'm flying out late May I now have to wait for my medical which I'll be taking in Dublin in the next couple of weeks. That will then allow me to apply for my US visa.

Roll on Dublin...


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  2. I've just come across your blog via youtube and I have to say it's fantastic! It's a real nice insight into the future I'm hoping for myself. I will be attending an assessment day in Manchester on the 28th of February. Excited and nervous to say the least, what sort of stuff do they expect you to know beforehand? I'd like to give myself these couple of months to prepare myself for the day. Any insight would be great!
    thank you

  3. Hi Braden,

    Glad you find it useful. If you click on the 'application process' all the information you should need will be there.

    Good luck

  4. Hi there, great blog and thanks for the link on Pprune. How many people attend (on average) a PTC selection day? How many people will I have to present in front of :-/ haha! Also is there a group discussion/further group exercises? Finally do you know roughly how many people compete for the 6 Flybe cadetship slots? Many thanks in advance and for your fantastic blog.

  5. Hey,

    I'm sure PTC can answer these questions directly for you but I can explain my assessment day.

    There were 10 of us in Manchester. It starts in the lobby where we are paired up and have to learn a little bit about our new 'partner.' Things such as:

    Parent's names
    Parent's professions
    Favourite sports teams
    Hobbies etc.

    Following this we would then head into the main room for the day where we would each stand in front of the rest of the group and recite on a board what we could remember. Those conducting the assessment would add things to mix it up.

    The other group exercise we partook in was a group exercise to build a bridge with a limited amount of time, materials and abilities (having to be silent for certain periods etc.) and we all had to work as a group to complete the task. Needless to say, as with most of these things, we didn't manage it but that's not what they're looking at.

    With regards to the cadetship I am not sure on numbers as a few were banded around, mainly in the three figures though. Please don't quote me on that!

    Also check out here:

    Hope this helps.