Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Facing the pressures...

Not much to report this week other than a very interesting article I saw on the BBC site this week.

I've spent many an hour investigating, researching and learning about the role of a commercial airline pilot. Everything from planes they fly on to the hours they work. However when looking at the latter it seems the glossy magazines and 'reports' cast a shadow on the real story.

45% of people who replied to the survey said they were seriously fatigued.

To me as a passenger that sounds quite scary. I know how my reactions and performance in any working environment are affected with the lack of only a few hours sleep but for 45% of pilots to be seriously fatigued is nerve racking to say the least.

What I find worse is the proposal for a European wide scheme. I am all for a flat scheme around the continent but must be held to the highest of standards. The UK has some of the most rigorous rules and regulations in the world and for the country to have to sacrifice any of those, in my opinion, is wrong. Especially seeing the article statistics.

I cannot speak as a pilot, as I am not lucky enough to be in that position yet but as a passenger - that report is a hard read.

And for someone who plans to be a pilot in the near future - it's a very hard read.

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  1. haha is great to hear that someones read mine! I will be sure to keep an eye on this to make sure you keep it updated!
    all the best in the course mate- work hard (PLAY EQUALLY AS HARD!) and I'm sure you'll have a cracking time..