Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ATPL exam results - 1st module

Just a quick post.

Today we received our exam results from the IAA in Ireland here at PTC Florida. After completion of the examinations here in the US the invigilators return to Dublin to mark the papers and sort out any discrepancies in the paper, markings and/or results.

Today I got hold of my first set of four exam marks which go towards the total of fourteen ATPL sittings.

In Aircraft General Knowledge I scored 96%, Instruments 88%, Performance 94% and Principles of Flight 93% giving me an average of 93%.

Overall I was satisfied with the results however I was kind of expecting to score a little higher in three of the papers yet with regards to Instruments, which I believed to be an extremely difficult paper, I am more than happy!

Hoping to increase the average come the end of the next module...another update at the weekend!


  1. Quick question for you. I'm starting training in PTCF in a few weeks. People are asking me is there anything i need for my training as a Christmas present. I am aware we get equipment but do you have any suggestions of something that would be useful and is not supplied. Thanks

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I wouldn't say there is anything you would NEED exactly other than if you own a scientific calculator bring it with you for ATPLs later in the course - will save you a few $$s.

    Other than that, if you're a fan of food from home such as chocolate etc. then I would bring as much with you as possible!