Sunday, 5 June 2011

First week complete

Well; the first week of ground school has been and gone!

Ground school involves covering a number of basic subjects with regards to flying a plane and the procedures and effects involved with doing so. The initial aim is to gain what is called a Private Pilot's License. This will allow me to fly small aircraft (usually four seater aircraft) on my own.

The subjects we have covered this week include Principles of Flight (how an aircraft actually flies), Aircraft General Knowledge (minor details regarding aircraft structure and how the aircraft works), Meteorology (weather), Flight Performance and Planning and Navigation. Some have been interesting, others not so. Having a passion and general interest in the industry and profession certainly helps me get through the rougher subjects but all in all a very good start to the course. The actual content is not the most difficult or challenging really, it's just very much volume intensive and taking it all in at once can be quite hard, sometimes impossible.

The actual lessons take place in what is called the 'Annex' situated next to the airport perimeter. A number of classrooms and simulators make up the building. Lessons have been running anywhere between 8.30am and 9pm at night. This has resulted in a few early morning starts which have this weekend caught up with me. As I type I'm feeling quite tired and it's only 9pm!

Monday brings the first of two progress tests set by PTC. It will cover all the subjects studied this past week.

Outside of the classroom I've been taking advantage of the sports facilities on sight. The gym and basketball courts have both been great in getting downtime around the quite intense ground school. For $10 a month you can't beat it!

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