Monday, 30 May 2011

It all starts tomorrow

Since Thursday it's been a very good three days.

Friday was the day of the US FAA medicals. Upon taking my JAA (European medical) in March, it was a very stringent a thorough process testing and measuring many different parts of the body and mind. Compare that to what we experienced on Friday and it's very quick to see how much more in depth we Europeans take everything. Having spoken to a couple of people already into their respective courses, they also duplicate the theory that actually we in Europe are extremely strict in all things aviation which from a reputation point of view is great.

The actual test didn't really involve anything major. It covered urine sample, blood pressure, weight and height and short time with the doctor. Just a special thanks to the lads who had been in before hand who thought it would be amusing to add that there would also be a prostate examination. Very funny...Anyway a short while later we received our medical cards/certificates and it was off to the Flightline to have them copied and have a short tour around the place we would be spending a considerable amount of time in the next ten months.

Friday evening involved TGI Fridays and the cinema (or 'movies' as Americans like to call it). We went to see 'Hangover 2' which I must say was a pretty big disappointment.

Anyway, onto Saturday and after the first lie-in in a while a number of us headed to the beach for a couple of hours before retiring to the down town Melbourne Irish bar to watch the big game. Manchester United being taught a footballing lesson by arguably the greatest club side to walk the earth. Afterwards we returned to the halls before going out into Melbourne during the evening.

Today, after a short walk to the local Walmart we had a BBQ by the pool this afternoon which was very nice. On our heads be it tomorrow morning if anyone wakes up with food poisoning... This was followed by a game of outdoor basketball. It's amazing how much of a tan you can accumulate at sunset!

The evening is now here and it's time to get into the PPL (Private Pilot License) books for the coming 2-3 weeks of ground school. This involves learning many different areas for basic flying ranging from how the engine works to the weather. I'm sure I'll do a full in depth piece on the PPL in the near future. That all starts bright and early tomorrow morning at 8.30am.

To the books I depart...

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