Monday, 3 October 2011

Consolidation - Round 1

Since Thursday we have had three and and half days to revise the work done over the previous five weeks which will conclude this week in the Consolidation exams.

Consolidation exams are very similar to mock exams however the major difference being that in the tests this week, each student must attain a a score of 80% to be allowed to sit the real IAA exams in two weeks time.

Tomorrow morning is Performance. A subject which covers the basics in take-off, climb, cruise, decent and landing of commercial airliners. The exam consists of 34 questions, some with more than one mark per question, and will last for one hour.

Tuesday is Principles of Flight which focuses mainly on the physics side of how a plane flies, the pros and cons to different flight conditions, what makes those flight conditions the way they are and what designers and pilots are able to do to manipulate those conditions to the aircraft's advantage. It consists of forty four questions over one hour.

Wednesday is Instruments. This is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. The subject covers everything from how and airspeed indicator works to the very latest in auto land technology. This exam is a little longer at one hour and thirty minutes with fifty six questions.

Finally, on Thursday we have Aircraft General Knowledge. Similarly to Instruments this is pretty much as read. It covers everything from gas turbine engines used on the most modern of jet airliners to the use of a fire axe within the cabin.

Following this, and assuming passes in all four subjects, we will take the real exams starting the 17th October which will be detailed in a future post.

As you can imagine the revision has taken up most of my time and when I say that the highlight of the weekend was a trip yesterday to the local Walmart you can appreciate the amount of time is spent between these four walls.

Having said that there have been a couple of things I have been able to fit in over the past couple of days including the football at Old Trafford on Saturday and then the XFactor over the last two evenings.

Something of note. Over the past couple of days the weather has started to cool down - unlike at home! I'm hoping the current climate remains for the remainder of my stay here in Florida as it seems a little bit more bearable than previous! I heard that last night even got down to 17 degrees Celsius!

Not a long post this week as there really hasn't been much going on and the other fact that the books are again waiting for me!

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