Monday, 17 October 2011

They're here

As I write it's 21:11 local time. Just short of fourteen hours before the first of the four real IAA ATPL examinations.

Tomorrow morning we take on Performance followed by Principles of Flight and Instruments on Tuesday. We round off with Aircraft General Knowledge on Wednesday.

The difference between those in consolidation week and those this week coming is quite obvious. The previous were conducted internally by PTC themselves and this week will be under the jurisdiction of the Irish national aviation authorities. In short - these are the four that will count.

The revision has gone quite well over the past seven days. I have found it quite difficult to get motivated but I am hoping I've done enough.

Other than revising this week the news is pretty dry with little to report. It goes as far as saying I've watched a couple of films and seen Manchester United fight out quite a drab draw at Anfield.

One other event that took place on Friday was something I haven't really covered before which is the monthly student meetings organised to allow the students to meet on mass with the management, instructors and anyone else involved with the training college to discuss events, problems, developments and most importantly feedback. Personally I think it is a very good idea to help both progression of student learning, life in Florida and PTC as a whole. Obviously I will not be mentioning anything that goes on in these meetings as I personally believe that they should be respected for their internal privacy however I will report that the meeting last week was positive for the students to see where the company will be going in the near and distant future.

Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago about a bizarre weekend of events here at PTC and a subject that I did say I would hopefully be able to cover more in depth in the future. Well, a student indeed had an unfortunate accident which put him in a serious condition. It was great that during Friday's meeting to see that he had made a full recovery and will be continuing with the course.

Time for an early night.


  1. Thanks for the update. Relax, my friend! You are well prepared and your exams will be just fine!! YOu know your stuff and you will easily write a passing examination. I'd bet in a near-perfect score. Hang in there and please, keep us posted. -Craig (Cedarglen)

  2. Good luck man! Hopefully you'll be able to relax and watch the Manchester derby this weekend - any predictions!?

    All the best

    Dave from the UK

  3. Hey Craig,

    Thanks - hoping they went well enough!

    Dave - I'm going for a 2-1 United win!

  4. Oh dear! Just got back from the pub having watched the match - I'm guessing a black arm band would be in order!

    Dave from the UK (Saints fan)

  5. Hi Dave,

    Not the best result but a flight to Tampa tonight to brighten the spirits! Hope to have a post on this later in the week.