Thursday, 12 January 2012

They're back...

Yesterday was the start of the third and final module of our ATPL examinations. This module we will be studying the following.

This is quite self explanatory. We'll mainly cover the relevant topics within the subject relate to our future careers such as weather formations, altimetry and pressure systems.

Human Performance and Limitations
Again another subject where the name is quite evident. This will hopefully explain all the different bodily functions, their strengths and weaknesses and most importantly the effects of working in a pressurized cabin.

Air Law
These seem to be quite obvious don't they? Well this is also the case. We're now looking into the world of aviation law from how it came about, how we use it today and what powers we have as flight crew.

Ah, a subject that's not blatantly obvious. This covers subjects related to law as well as things like dangerous goods, emergency landings, fire and smoke, cabin decompression, oxygen systems, flight tracks and commercial flight procedures such as pre-planning, take-off/landing etc. It's quite an ambiguous subject which starts to bring in theory for what we will actually be doing in future years.

Mass and Balance
This is the smallest of the five subjects and basically gives us an insight into the detailed calculations involved with prepping a Boeing 737-400 aircraft (something similar to an intra-Europe/domestic US flight sized aircraft with up to 160 seats). We'll discuss and calculate factors such as passengers, cargo and fuel.

So this being the final module I hopefully have a lot to look forward to before leaving the US including exam completion, spin recovery training, hypoxia training and of course the CPL course.

I'll put another post up at the weekend going a bit more into detail of the different subjects and what my personal opinion on each is.

Back to the books!

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