Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Returning back to Florida with exam results...

It's quite scary how quickly these two and a half weeks at home have gone. It's been a bit of a whirlwind with moving house, Christmas and New Year all coming at once. It's certainly been a time of over indulgence and I think it will be good to get back to some normality in the coming weeks.

I've pretty much spent the past week doing much very similar to the week before with a great night on New Year's eve. I also managed to get to a local football game yesterday and was good to get back into the old mould before leaving for Melbourne back in May 2011. Although the local weather is something I haven't enjoyed while being back home!

Today I finally got hold of my exam results for the ATPL exams taken before Christmas. I managed to achieve an average of 98% giving me an overall average of 95.4% with five exams remaining. I'm glad to have been able to increase my percentage going into the final module.

So, when I return later this week to Florida I'm hoping to get a few flights in before starting ground school again on Monday 9th. The structure in which we complete our schooling is due to change this time and I'll explain next week how so.

It has been absolutely fantastic coming back home and seeing family and friends and I'm now looking forward to getting back to the states, getting the final set of examinations complete and then onto flying full time once again. In three months time I should be back in Europe for the foreseeable future.

Next time I head east across the Atlantic I'll be back for good...


  1. Oh so nice that you had a great home holiday with family and friends. I'm sure that you are pleased with and proud of your exam results. You should be and your hard work is obvious. Congratulations. When you again have access to your study materials, I hope you investigate the very few items that you missed. That will then achieve a 100%, at least as a 'personal' score. Professionals always want to know about their errors and they learn by checking those details.
    Best wishes for 2012 and please keep posting, to keep us posted, as you have the time. -C.

  2. Hi Cedarglen,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes I'm pretty pleased with the results and it gives me a bit of confidence going into the final five next week.

    Unfortunately we're unable to find out what exactly we got wrong but I'm sure a quick refresher of the subjects covered will hopefully suffice.

    Good luck for 2012.